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Best & Most Popular Android Devices For Developer

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What are the best android devices for developers ?

Android Devices For developer is optional steps but some development process will not available in the emulator, so we need the android devices. So let explore the top popular android device category .

Many developers ask What is the best android devices fro developer, in terms of ease of development, debugging features , Samsung  or Htc or other !! ?
Before we discuss the android developer devices  let know more details about android devices that available in the market .

Android Devices in the Market .

Android device companies like htc, Samsung  provide us a different shapes and sizes of Android devices . Most popular android devices can be categorized  into the following:

-  Smartphones 
- Tablets
- E-reader devices
- Netbooks
- MP4 players
- Internet TVs

Most popular android devices in the market that run Android OS  is Samsung Galaxy S II, the Motorola Atrix 4G, and the HTC EVO 4G Smartphones, etc see the picture below.
top & most android devices
Samsung Galaxy S II

Another popular category of devices that manufacturers  are rushing out is the tablet . Tablets typically come in two sizes: seven inches and ten inches, measured diagonally. The images below show the  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101, both 10.1-inch tablets. Both the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and the Asus Eee Pad Transfer TF101 run on Android 3.

Tablets Android devices
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and the Asus Eee Pad Transfer TF101

Besides Smartphones and tablets, Android is also beginning to appear in dedicated devices, such as e-book readers. The images below show the Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Color  and Amazon’s Kindle Fire , both of which are color e-book readers running the Android OS.

e-book readers Android devices
Noble’s NOOK Color & Amazon’s Kindle Fire
In addition to these popular mobile devices, Android is also slowly finding its way into your living room. People of Lava, a Swedish company, has developed an Android-based TV, called the Scandinavia Android TV see the image below.
 Scandinavia Android TV devices
 Scandinavia Android TV 

Google has also ventured into a proprietary smart TV platform based on Android and codeveloped with companies such as Intel, Sony, and Logitech. Figure 1-6 shows Sony’s Google TV.
Now google lunch android 4.xx , the Samsung Galaxy Nexus  is one of the devices running on Android 4.0.

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus android devices
 Samsung Galaxy Nexus android 

At the end of this article and In my opinion Nexus One or any phone that is using the Google experience meaning that the manufacturer did not put a custom user - interface on the phone , so I recommend this device for developer also check this link for more details.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet - 8GB 

Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16 GB) 

Best phone for developing Android software 

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