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Why Developing For Android Mobile Devices? Marketer, Developer Perspective.

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In market terms, the development of modern mobile Smartphones multifunction devices including a phone but featuring a full featured web browser, cameras, media players, WI-Fi, and location-based services have fundamentally changed the way people interact with their mobile devices and access the Internet which increasing the development trends for  Developing Android Mobile application for a lot of devices.

-  More than 3 billion mobile phone users around the worldwide and many developers.
- 2009 marked the year that more people accessed the Internet for the first time from a mobile phone rather than a PC.
- Access the Internet by mobile phone like android and IOS devices will increase than using personal computers.
- High-speed mobile data and WI-Fi hotspots, has created a huge opportunity for advanced mobile applications.
- Smartphone applications have changed the way people use their phones. This gives you, the application developer a unique opportunity to create dynamic, compelling new applications that become a vital part of people’s lives.


The first question that every developer is asking himself, before learning, or take training about new technology or spending a time to search a resources is why develop for Android? Why Android platforms and not any other platforms? I'm going to show you the answer of this question into those reasons in this Blog.

From Developer perspective 


- The number of Android phones sold every day is larger than that of any other mobile phone operating system (at least in the United States and Europe). Moreover the number of Android phones sold in those regions keeps growing, so after applying some simplest math skills, it becomes evident that unless something extraordinary happens we can clearly say that Android is the platform that's going to have the most users in the future, maybe it will even become a standard for all phones. And that means that you will have more people who can buy or use your product also more developer for Android OS. 
-  Android represents a clean break, a mobile framework based on the reality of modern mobile devices designed by developers, for developers.
-  Simple, powerful, and open SDK which include all tools for the Android mobile developer.
 - Licensing fees except Google market account 25$ for ever.
 - Very good and excellent documentation.
- Huge developer community, Android represents an opportunity to create software that changes how and why people use their mobile phones.
- No certification is required to become an Android developer.
- Google Play provides free, up-front purchase, and in-app billing options for distribution and monetization of your applications.
- There is no approval process for application distribution.  Developers have total control over their brands.
- More than 850,000 new Android devices are activated daily, with many studies showing the largest proportion of new Smartphone sales belonging to Android devices.
As of March 2012, Google Play (formerly Android Market) has expanded its support for application sales to 131 countries, supporting more than 10 billion installs at a growth rate of 1 billion downloads per month.


Apple products, like the iPhone, use Objective C (all developer talk is complicated language when compares it with other common language) that was invented by Apple. However if you want to develop apps for Android the only thing that you need to know is Java and Android API for Java. Unlike Objective C, Java is a very powerful programming language that has been around for 15 years and thus has millions of pages of articles about it, tutorials, books, courses, learning materials, also very powerful integrated with oracle products etc. As well as a lot of professionals who have experience working with Java and a lot of libraries and other kinds of enhancements. And besides that - the experience that you get from programming for Android you might also use in a lot of other fields.
Remember : Java is the android programming language which needs it to build our applications .

Publishing the app to the Market (Google play ) .

Google offers the Google Play service in which programmers can offer their Android application to Android users. Google phones include the Google Play application which allows installing applications.
Google Play also offers an update service, e.g. If android developer uploads a new version of his application to Google Play, this service will notify existing users that an update is available and allow to install it.
Google Play used to be called Android Market.
To be able to publish the app on the google play you need the following
- Requires Google Developer Account
- $25 fee
- Link to a Merchant Account
- Google Checkout
- Link to your checking account
-  Google gets 30% you get 70% .

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