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Professional Android Application Development book reviews

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Professional Android 4 Application Development (Wrox Professional Guides) 

Author review 

Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4 

The fast-growing popularity of Android Smartphones and tablets creates a huge opportunities for developers. If you're an experienced developer, you can start creating robust mobile Android apps right away with this professional guide to Android 4 application development. Written by one of Google's lead Android developer advocates, this practical book walks you through a series of hands-on projects that illustrate the features of the Android SDK. That includes all the new APIs introduced in Android 3 and 4, including building for tablets, using the Action Bar, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC Beam, and more.
- Shows experienced developers how to create mobile applications for Android smartphones and tablets
- Revised and expanded to cover all the Android SDK releases including Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including all updated APIs, and the latest changes to the Android platform.
- Explains new and enhanced features such as drag and drop, fragments, the action bar, enhanced multitouch support, new environmental sensor support, major improvements to the animation framework, and a range of new communications techniques including NFC and Wi-Fi direct.
- Provides practical guidance on publishing and marketing your applications, best practices for user experience, and more

This book helps you learn to master the design, lifecycle, and UI of an Android app through practical exercises, which you can then use as a basis for developing your own Android apps.
 Professional Android 4 Application Development (Wrox Professional Guides)  Reviews 

Some Customer reviews  

No1: I come from a heavy background in web development, specifically PHP (call it a language or a mess, but it's my web programming language of choice). I've wanted to move into Android development for a while, but never really had an opportunity until recently (3 months ago) to produce something. Naturally, moving to Android development was rough at first for countless reasons, so I've bought books, read tutorials, blogs, watched countless Google I/O videos, and spent hours upon hours browsing the API. For the most part, I've found "here's how to do (insert random task here)." Rarely have tutorials come with the reason something is a best practice or why their way is better than another. Since this is the case for a lot of languages, I mostly accepted it and did my best to make sense of the content out there to build my first app.

A great reference and more:
In the two days that I've had the book, I think I have saved at least 5-6 hours that would have been spent looking for solutions to problems that I felt comfortable implementing in my software. Not only does Reto explain how something is done, but more often then not I feel like I understand why something is done a particular way.. Which, to most developers is crucial to get an understanding of a platform. I would be comfortable saying, there's enough information out there for ANYONE to produce an Android application, but for non-Java programmers there are few resources that really solidify a better understanding of the platform or don't recommend a life-long dedication to Java before picking up the material. I'd feel comfortable recommending the book to anyone with a solid understanding of software development who was looking to get into Android programming.

To be more specific than saying "a solid understanding of software development," I'd say it definitely helps to know some Java syntax, object-oriented programming and MVC practices going in.. Of course, the more the better. Without footing in those a lot of the information (not just in this book, but Android development in general) will be tough to grasp completely. After that, I'd say it's for just about anyone serious about Android Development who has more interest than just getting from A to B. Though it would certainly help anyone just looking to get from A to B.

No2: This is my second book on how to develop apps for Android. It's far more detailed than the other one I bought some months ago, and the extra detail (770 page book) makes it well worth the price. I have a long way to go, but every chapter covers the material in depth so I think this is 'the one'.

My only criticism of the book is that unlike the superlative series of books by Murach, this one has no exercises for you to try and write code as you go. However, code is supplied by the publishers website and it loads into Eclipse for you to play with, and figure it out.

It is updated to Android 4.0 (ICS) so is current at this time.

No3:  This is a decent book if you're an intermediate Android programmer. However, if you are completely new to Android this isn't the book for you.

The author depends too much on the downloaded code and does not give explanations on what is happening most of the time.

Overall, the book is very POWERFULL but I recommend it for advanced user (Not for beginners) , so if you beginners check this book Android for Programmers: Developer Seriesthen you can explore this book .

Level  : advanced .

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